Drone Videos

Drones are the future in marketing Real Estate. With their sweeping views of homes, pools, landscapes, and water features, they really bring a property to life. It’s a known fact the more pictures you use when you advertise the more likely the property will sell. Therefore, you can imagine what a nicely created drone HD video adds to the equation. You can also use a handheld gimbal to flawlessly transition indoors or down a narrow path or road.

Ultimately it gives a potential buyer a life like view of a large property in just a few minutes, peaking their interest along the way. They are able to get a thorough and unique view of the property from the comfort of their office, home, or cell phone.

On recreational properties I like to use game cameras to capture the wildlife inhabiting the property and incorporate it into the overall video when possible.

The process can be costly, but fortunately I am able to do my own video and editing, so I am able to provide the service for free. Please click on the links below and view the effects of drone videos.